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Time Collection!

With our Staff Scheduling module building a complete and highly precise representation of daily workforce commitments, scheduled time flows directly to our time collection module.  The time collected data then flows from supervisor to payroll for fast and highly accurate timesheets. Our incredibly precise approach to staff scheduling has enabled many of our clients to pass scheduled time directly into their ERP Payroll system (Payroll merely ‘spot’ audits the scheduled time prior to being passed via the interface).  The result is a comprehensive, automated, fully exception-based time management solution. 

Our dynamic, data driven timesheets allow an organization to configure a wide range of views of workforce time. Benefits include significant reduction in effort spent administering timesheets and the volume of errors and subsequent need for amendments.  ATLASTM quickly and easily calculates gross payroll regardless of the complexity of an organizations pay rules.  More importantly, ATLASTM provides real time analytical insight into the productivity and performance of the entire organization.



Collect View Time
Whether by single employee, work unit or location, time can be easily collected, reviewed and approved.


Manage Pay Periods
Pay period cycles and pay period cycle types, along with a pay cycle generation tool, provide the user with the tools necessary to manage pay period information.


Manage Pay Rates
Pay rates at the position level (a combination of work unit and job) along with sequence, rank, rate of pay, pay unit, and effective date information are controlled from this utility.


Manage Shift Differential
Rule driven, this utility allows for the accurate calculation required of shift differentials.


Time Sheets by Employee and / or Work Unit
ATLASTM time collection functionality is based upon highly accurate schedules forming the basis for reported time.  Designated users merely update the time records with work order, project code and any adds to pay that occurred during the shift.  This view of time displays employee leave bank information, position, assignment type, rate of pay, leave reason, leave payable status, calendar date, start and stop time, pay type, overtime reason, actual hours, status (pending, approved, or denied) and release status.  User may view and make amendments from this utility as well.


Daily Time by Work Unit

This powerful utility provides a wide range of timesheet views including by region, facility, work unit and work unit type.  Users may view, approve, and release timesheets (and amendments) quickly and confidently via this interface.  Comments can be added at the line item level for all or selected line items.

Manage Stipends
This powerful utility allows payroll to quickly select employees by location, bargaining unit, position and/or employee title and add a stipend (such as uniform allowance, meal allowance, bonus, education allowance, etc) to all members of the selected group.

Manage Multiple Overtime
This overtime management utility allows payroll to quickly select employees by location, bargaining unit, position and/or employee title and add overtime to all members of the selected group.  Event information, temporary work units (extra posts / jobs) and detailed overtime reasons can also be simultaneously updated for a group of any size.  Compensation options can be added to the group or edited on an individual basis.  

Manage Workers Comp / FMLA
Easily handles the splitting of leave banks based upon Workers Compensation and FMLA requirements.  Options include leave slip management, partial shifts, allocation, and unscheduled status. 

Enter Time 
Supervisors of administrative employees (or the employees themselves if desired) can enter leave and overtime while reviewing the scheduled time for an employee or group of employees.   Individual cells can display the start and end time, the hours worked or both.

Ship Time to ERP
Designated Payroll users have the ability to audit / validate time prior to its release to the payroll interface that delivers time information to an external ERP system.

Manage Shift Allocations
ATLASTM takes the complexity that can be shift allocations and brings to the forefront the tools a user needs to manage an unlimited number of allocation types.

Manage Pay Types
Organizations can create a myriad of pay types.  Managing this can be both challenging and time consuming.  This ATLASTM utility allows designated users to update pay type information such as if it is schedulable, allowed for overtime, allowed for leave, allowed for stipends, eligible for premiums, valid for allocations and whether to show these pay types on the payroll and/or leave reports.

With over 80 different processes, our time collection utilities make the time collection process vastly more manageable.  Tools include Split Leave Banks, Leave Without Pay, Negative Leave Balances, Unapproved Time, Compensation Options, Preferred Leave Bank, Holiday Compensation Options, Holiday Proration, Leave Usage Summary by Bank, Employee Service Hours, Intermittent Time Report and many, many more (Please view the reports section for a detailed listing of Time Collection reports and utilities).

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