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Citadel™ - Application Administration Module

Robust system security is predicated on the principles of Users, Roles, and Alerts.  Security restrictions are managed at the menu, window, datawindow (window within a window) and column level.  Key value, global variable, metadata, and error message management utilities are also a part of this toolset.  Import assignments (data migration), data archiving, and data archiving threshold management are maintained from this utility.  Finally, the management, creation, and definition of the business rules (ATLASRules!TM) that operate within the key Points of Validation (Employee Self Service leave requests, Virtual JobsTM process, position offer and acceptance level, and within the validation and approval of collected time).


Look-up Maintenance

ATLASTM is data driven!  With over 200 user-defined look-up tables ATLASTM understands the need for an organization to control the systems that manage its business.  From Address Types to Work Unit Status users have complete control over the number, description, status of their look-up values.

Managed via Citadel, notifications, provide the ability for ATLAS and Ulysses to call out (i.e. offer overtime) or call in (i.e. sick call), is tightly integrated within ATLAS and through Microsoft SQL Server Email.

Key Utilities:   User Roles  - Login Tracking  - Alerts  -  Alerts Assignments  - Alerts Report -  Set-up Business Rules  - Map Rule Parameters - Assign Rules  - Manage Virtual Job Rules - HoW Utilities -  Manage System Options - Manage Error Messages  - Designate Holidays - Map Calendar Dates  - Manage Regions  - Manage Colors - Manage Average Pay Rates - Manage Bargaining Units - Configure Comparisons - Configure Performance Measurement  - View Error Logs  - View Enhancement Requests - Advanced Utilities: Migrate Employee Data - Migrate Position Data - Migrate Leave Banks - Migrate Training

CITADELTM - Security Management

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