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ATLASTM - Bridging the Gap in ERP

At Emerald City Software, we treat staff scheduling as a mission critical process.  Having the right person at the right time is our priority while enabling our clients to monitor, manage and measure the costs associated with workforce movements.  And we can do this for highly complex, union based, state government organizations from Coast to Coast!  

We know that there’s no such thing as a typical day, typical job or position or typical set of business rules. ATLASTM is predicated on the philosophy of change; flexibility is a must while ease of use is mandatory.  We believe in making the complex simple, without making the simple complex.

Our clients achieve great results.  We enable organizations to optimize the utilization of their workforce while insuring that an organization’s complete set of management and union rules are uniformly and fairly enforced enabling organizations to manage what they measure (and with over 600 reports you’ll be impressed with how much we can measure)!  

ATLASTM provides for the complete cycle of the key business processes involved in enterprise workforce management.  From Planning, Operations, Human Resources and Staff Scheduling our Foundation and Core modules are not only comprehensive but provide the depth needed to enable the tracking, management and reporting of workforce movements.  Our Time Collection, Employee Self Service and Management Reports modules enable an organization to reap the benefits laid by our foundation and core modules.

ATLASTM modules are designed to meet the workforce management challenges of complex enterprises.  In particular, the ATLASTM Enterprise Workforce Management Solution is designed to meet key objectives, benefits and measurements in the areas of cost, performance, tactical delivery, management reporting and strategic decision-making.

ATLASTM modules are designed to be either independent or co-exist with all other ATLASTM  modules and products.  They have been designed to handle the specific requirements of multi-agency organizations while still allowing for each organization to have its own ATLAS™ ‘look and feel.’  Another significant feature of the modules is the level and granularity of user configuration that may be implemented.  ATLASTM is a fully data driven application; this means that a designated user (typically the application administrator) can easily manage a wide range of system features.  Menu names, drop down lists, window verbiage, error messages, business rules, application security, users and roles, etc. are all readily managed from the front end.  Simply put, ATLASTM has been designed to minimize IT support efforts. 

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