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Module Overview

Staff Scheduling Module
Complexity can be the rule when dealing with convoluted regulatory, collective bargaining and management scheduling rules that drive your business. ATLASTM’s sophisticated scheduling engine takes on these rules and makes the complex simple without making your easier tasks more complex. 

ATLASTM is completely data-driven and fully configurable to handle even the most complicated rule-based environments. Whether seniority driven or not, excluded or hourly, regular, relief or casual employees, ATLASTM is designed to manage your entire workforce. From secretary to president, IT analyst to marketing representative or security officer  to security captain, Union or non-Union, ATLASTM tracks your employee's core skills and competencies along with the licenses and certifications that must be present within a work unit, location or as a part of the organization’s employee manned entities. We recognize that not only do people have skills but there are also entities (work units, locations i.e. a floor, wing, or room in a hospital, and equipment i.e. a correctional unit, production machinery, or fire truck) that may have specific licensing and certification requirements. These competencies can only be understood when you look at the assignment as a whole. It's not enough to just find the right person with the right skills at the right price. Proper scheduling demands that all the competencies (skills, qualifications, licenses, certifications, etc) of the employee and, just as important, the locations and/or equipment that people work with be assessed at the time of scheduling. With ATLASTM you can be absolutely sure the senior, qualified individual gets the assignment.
Regardless of your approach to staffing; whether you have a combined Staffing Center of Excellence, separate Planning and Contingency Centers, or have staffing functionality distributed throughout your organization, ATLASTM's toolset can be aligned to your organizational structure and fully meet your scheduling needs.


Staffing Log
Track and manage staff scheduling incoming and outgoing entries, leave requests, extra posts (jobs or assignments), scheduled premiums, non-scheduled personnel, to dos (with alert notifications), events and weather-related information.  Entries from the staffing log are email-able.

Schedule Grid
View your workforce for any given date range.  The Schedule Grid allows users to quickly select any work group entity (i.e. Department of Public Safety / Police Services – Eastern / Troop C / Shift 2) and view the positions and the individuals assigned to these positions for the date range selected.  The Schedule Grid displays vacant positions, relief assignments and overtime assignments.  A user can select any individual displayed and view their employee profile, staffing history, troop roster, troop day sheet, employee schedule or shift summary.  From the schedule grid leave requests may be easily made and filled (With ATLASTM there are five different ways a leave request may be created allowing a user to choose a preferred approach).


Staffing Workbench

This highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, scheduling environment brings together all of the information necessary to accurately and cost-effectively schedule staff. Completely data-driven, our workbench truly enables six-dimensional scheduling by bringing in core components of staff member competencies, position requirements, day requirements, shift requirements, work unit requirements, and employee manned entity requirements. Not only does the workbench bring together these competencies and requirements but it also investigates and analyzes dependencies that occur in combination with these components. 
The ATLAS™ workbench provides a wide range of views, sorts and filters along with color coded relief request information that notifies a user of outstanding offers, partially filled requests and requests that have exceeded a user-defined time threshold (i.e. four hours to start time). From the simple to the complex, ATLASTM's data driven (typically based upon an organizations collective bargaining agreements) relief tabs allow an organization to mirror their operational scheduling needs quickly and easily. This powerful approach to workforce management enables an organization to specify down to the work unit or position level the amount of precision (seniority, proximity, cost, etc) that can drive scheduling decisions. Our 'oneclick' approach to staff scheduling allows a user to see staff availability, work schedules, work ratios, hours worked for the month and seniority information and make confident, informed decisions. 
ATLAS™ tracks it all! Offers, refusals, assignments, qualified alternates, non-system designated offers, relief not needed, partial shift requirements, vacancies as a result of employee absences versus vacancies resulting from operational needs, any number of relief reasons, overrides, and relief for other assignments are all easily managed in our staff scheduling workbench.  If an employee requests time off and is denied and then calls in sick, ATLASTM has a report that identifies this absence scenario.  
The autofill option enables a user to select a relief request and automatically create and accept offers while a user may also directly fill a relief request when a relief offer has a pre-determined set of relief criteria.

Staff by Work Unit
A favorite of Federal and State regulatory agencies, our Staff by Work Unit functionality allows users to quickly and easily view (and review) work unit information determining who permanently owns a position, who is the temporary owner and who is working the position as a relief.  This utility is another gateway into creating relief requests.  Also, users may double-click on a specific individual and be taken into the Staffing History for this person.

Staffing History
Our Staffing History toolset allows a user to quickly and easily access a wealth of information regarding Permanent and Temporary Assignments, Leave Requests, Relief Assignments, Offers, Future Requests, Leave Usage, Guaranteed Requests, Schedule Premiums and Timesheets.  

With over 70 different processes, our staffing utilities offer both breadth and depth to the staff scheduling process.  Tools include a Virtual Jobs Wizard, Resource Requirements Needs Analysis, Setup Staff Schedules functionality, Manage Work Units (and associate these work units to Chart Of Account segments), Manage Positions (and associate these positions to Chart Of Account segments), Manage Supernumeries (staff members above daily requirements), Manage Work Unit Requirements, Manage Shift Allocations, Manage Time Types (Premium pay information for time collection), Standby Schedule Management and Shortage / Surplus Process.

Rosters / Day Sheets / Daily Staffing Summary
With over 10 different rosters, day sheets and summaries, ATLAS™ provides many unique ways to view and manage your workforce.  Staffing management is easy with ARC™ (ATLAS Right Click) menu functionality whereby designated users, from a single screen, can create, edit and fill leave, create, edit and fill overtime, and create, edit and fill extra posts.  

Scheduling the Enterprise!

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